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Best ¾ Length Basketball Tights 2022

¾ length options that boost your game and fit great under shorts.

NBA basketball players wearing 3/4 length compression tights.

As compression tights have grown in popularity across the sports world, basketball is one of those sports where we see tights widely utilized for both training and in-game performance.

And many leading activewear brands have taken note, as the options for basketball tights continue to evolve in style, design, and technology.

More recently, the ¾ length has become the de facto length for basketball tights, as lots of brands market this length as their basketball tights option. Among NBA players, the ¾ length has become the most common choice.

This may not even be entirely noticeable at first, as the ¾ length tends to rest near the top of the sock line and appear as if they’re full-length tights. But with a closer look, you’ll see the break in fabric between compression tights and socks as the players move around the court.

Here, we’ve picked out the best ¾ length compression tights for basketball.

Determining the Best ¾ Length Tights for Basketball

Here are the criteria we used for putting together our list of the best ¾ length basketball tights:

Prioritizes Mobility: First, and perhaps most important, is finding compression tights that don’t restrict your movement in any way. Basketball requires a lot of quick, agile, and explosive movements. You need tights that support your moves, not hinder them.

Secure Fit: Compression tights serve as your baselayer—the armor under your uniform. You need a pair you can count on to stay in place and keep you locked in no matter what your shorts and jersey do. A secure fit keeps your head in the game.

Optimized Design: Why opt for tights over shorts? To extend those compression benefits. But the extra length won’t matter if you have an inferior product. We’re looking for leading activewear brands with the best fabric, design, and technology to boost your performance.

Note: Featured products are independently selected and reviewed by Compression Athlete. If you purchase through our links, we may earn commission.

1. Curry UNDRTD ¾ Tights

The Curry UNDRTD ¾ Tights are from the new Curry Brand backed by Under Armour. Much like how the Jordan Brand is backed by Nike, Under Armour is now giving similar treatment to Steph Curry.

Basketball player wearing Curry UNDRTD ¾ Tights.

Shop at Under Armour: Curry UNDRTD ¾ Tights

Under Armour’s Curry UNDRTD ¾ Tights have a really cool two-toned fabric design that utilizes Under Armour HeatGear technology and 4-way stretch for mobility. These tights also have mesh panels for improved ventilation and comfortable wear under shorts.

2. Under Armour RUSH Basketball ¾ Leggings

The Under Armour RUSH Basketball ¾ Leggings use signature RUSH fabric, which is mineral-infused to absorb and reflect energy back into your muscles. This increases blood flow and helps your muscles go harder for longer.

Basketball player wearing Under Armour RUSH Basketball ¾ Leggings.

Shop at Under Armour: Under Armour RUSH Basketball ¾ Leggings

Under Armour’s RUSH Basketball ¾ Leggings utilize HeatGear technology to wick sweat and keep you cool. These leggings also have mesh paneling for additional ventilation and an encased waistband for comfort and support.

3. Under Armour HeatGear ¾ Tights

The Under Armour HeatGear ¾ Leggings are the latest version of the original UA performance baselayer and are constructed with an ergonomic design for extra comfort, durability, and superior coverage.

Basketball player wearing Under Armour HeatGear ¾ Leggings.

Shop at Under Armour: Under Armour HeatGear ¾ Leggings

Under Armour’s HeatGear ¾ Leggings feature lightweight fabric and mesh paneling for extra ventilation. These tights have a wider waistband for added support, a drop-in pocket for storage, and are a UA best seller.

4. Adidas Techfit ¾ Stripes Tights

The Adidas Techfit ¾ Stripes Tights utilize high-performance Primegreen material that’s lightweight and water-absorbent to keep you dry and moving freely. The Techfit design supports your muscles and focuses their energy to boost explosiveness, agility, and endurance.

Basketball player wearing Adidas Techfit ¾ Stripes Tights.

Shop at Adidas: Adidas Techfit ¾ Stripes Tights

Adidas’s Techfit ¾ Stripes Tights are a great option for both indoor and outdoor competition, and their versatile design looks awesome under shorts or on their own.

5. Nike Pro ¾ Tights

The Nike Pro ¾ Tights have a tight and secure fit that remains very stretchy and comfortable as you move. The waistband on these tights is slightly thicker in length for support and vented for breathability, making them great to wear under shorts.

Basketball player wearing Nike Pro ¾ Tights.

Shop at Nike: Nike Pro ¾ Tights

The Nike Pro Tights utilize sweat-wicking Dri-FIT technology to keep you dry, cool, and comfortable. These tights have earned a “Highly Rated” tag on the Nike site and are a very versatile option.

6. Jordan Dri-FIT Air ¾ Tights

The Jordan Dri-FIT Air ¾ Tights are game-ready tights from the iconic Jordan brand with a Jumpman logo on the leg. These tights feature a stretchy and secure fit with lightweight fabric and stretch-mesh panels for extra breathability.

Basketball player wearing Jordan Dri-FIT Air ¾ Tights.

Shop at Nike: Jordan Dri-FIT Air ¾ Tights

Nike’s Jordan Dri-FIT Air ¾ Tights utilize Dri-FIT fabric to keep you dry and flat seams for a smooth feel against your skin. These tights have a snug fit to minimize distraction, a flex waistband for extra security, and a phone slip pocket.

7. Puma EXO-ADAPT ¾ Training Tights

The Puma EXO-ADAPT ¾ Training Tights feature ergonomic compression zones that target key muscle groups for improved support and stabilization. These tights also have moisture-wicking dryCELL technology to keep you dry and comfortable.

Basketball player wearing Puma EXO-ADAPT ¾ Training Tights.

Shop at Puma: Puma EXO-ADAPT ¾ Training Tights

Puma’s EXO-ADAPT ¾ Training Tights use strategic ventilation for improved body temperature regulation. They also feature 4-way stretch material and a drawcord waistband for adjustable fits.

8. McDavid Basketball Compression ¾ Tights with Knee Support

McDavid Basketball Compression ¾ Tights are specifically designed with the muscle support and abrasion protection basketball players require on the court, whether training, practicing, or in-game.

Basketball player wearing McDavid Basketball Compression ¾ Tights with Knee Support.

Shop at McDavid: McDavid Basketball Compression ¾ Tights

McDavid’s Basketball Compression ¾ Tights with Knee Support feature moisture management technology to keep you cool and dry, as well as 6-thread flat-lock seams for extra durability and comfort.

Note: McDavid also offers a padded ¾ tight option called the Elite Hex 2-Pad ¾ Tights.

Difference Between ¾ Length and Full-Length Compression Tights

Apart from the length of leg, there’s very little difference in design, fit, or style between ¾ length compression tights and full-length compression tights.

Unlike with full-length compression tights, which extend all the way to your ankle, the ¾ length compression tights extend over your knee and end just after the curve of your calve muscle, typically resting just past mid-shin.

Basketball player wearing full-length tights guarding basketball player wearing 3/4 length tights.

So, how do you choose between these two lengths?

Choosing between the two is really just a matter of feel and preference. There’s no technical advantage that one has over the other or extra benefits either. Both lengths will fit great under shorts, stay secure while you play, and offer support to your leg muscles.

The ¾ length has become the popular choice for most NBA and college players. This length, which serves as a hybrid between full-length and compression shorts, allows players to enjoy the benefits of compression tights while still feeling as though they’re wearing a sort of extended compression shorts.

Why Do Basketball Players Wear Compression Tights?

In the NBA, players compete in a long and grueling season that requires a ton of physical effort and puts lots of wear and tear on their bodies. Many players wear compression tights and other compression garments to assist their in-game performance while also aiding in injury prevention and muscle recovery.

You may also notice that some basketball players wear padded compression tights, which are worn for the same reasons. The padding helps with injury prevention and reducing general wear and tear on the body. All those bumps and bruises can add up and affect overall performance.

Basketball players of all skill levels can wear compression tights to achieve these same performance and injury-prevention benefits. It doesn’t matter whether you play competitively or recreationally, anyone competing on the court knows that you can find yourself drenched in sweat and feel your leg muscles burning in no time at all.

Compression tights wick sweat from your body to help keep you cool, comfortable, and dry while you play. Additionally, the compressive pressure applied to your legs offer muscle support and improved circulation. This helps players perform at a higher level for longer and many notice an improvement in muscle recovery time, as well.

Be sure to also check out our picks for the Best Full-Length Basketball Tights.

And for more on picking out a great pair of compression tights, check out our Comprehensive Guide to Compression Tights. We cover all of the most common questions surrounding the wear, fit, and use of compression tights.

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