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Best Men’s Compression Shorts for Running 2022

Performance-driven compression shorts to power through your route.

Male athlete running in compression shorts.

Whether you’re logging the long-distance miles, training for speed, or simply out for some fresh air and easy strides, having the right running gear makes all the difference.

If you want a successful run, you’ll need a pair of shorts that’s distraction free. And the best way to reduce any distraction or discomfort is to invest in a pair of quality compression shorts specifically designed for running.

The snug and smooth fit of compression offers superior coverage, comfort, and support for any running style or distance.

And a great pair of quick-drying and sweat-wicking compression shorts will keep you forging ahead through hot and humid conditions.

So, we’ve put together our list of the best men’s compression shorts for running. Check it out, grab a pair, and don’t let anything slow you down as you power through your route.

Determining the Best Compression Shorts for Running

Here are the criteria we used for putting together our list of the best compression shorts and half tights for running:

Hot-Weather Design: While a general pair of compression shorts would fare better than other fabrics in hot weather, we’re looking for shorts specifically designed to keep your body from overheating. Not just a lighter fabric but breathability and sweat-wicking technology.

Extended Comfort: We’re looking for compression shorts that don’t sacrifice comfort for support. Whether you’re going a long or short distance, these two should work hand in hand to keep you focused and free of distraction.

Performance Driven: Once you lace up your running shoes, you don’t want anything holding you back or slowing you down. We need a waistband that stays up and stays put, full mobility in our legs, and a lightweight fabric that can handle speed.

Note: Featured products are independently selected and reviewed by Compression Athlete. If you purchase through our links, we may earn commission.

1. Nike AeroSwift ½-Length Running Tights

The Nike AeroSwift ½-Length Running Tights are designed for optimal speed performance while providing premium comfort. These compression shorts utilize innovative AeroSwift technology for an extra stretchy, lightweight, and breathable fit.

Athlete wearing Nike AeroSwift ½-Length Running Tights.

Shop at Nike: Nike AeroSwift ½-Length Running Tights

Nike’s AeroSwift ½-Length Running Tights offer distraction-free coverage and a Flyvent waistband for ventilation. These compression shorts have an internal brief for support, as well as 2 waistband pockets in the front and 2 in the back.

2. Nike Dri-FIT Fast ½-Length Running Tights

The Nike Dri-FIT Fast ½-Length Running Tights offer a perfect mix of stretch and support for your running stride with innovative Power fabric. These compression shorts utilize Dri-FIT technology to help keep you dry and comfortable.

Athlete wearing Nike Dri-FIT Fast ½-Length Running Tights.

Shop at Nike: Nike Dri-FIT Fast ½-Length Running Tights

Nike’s Dri-FIT Fast ½-Length Running Tights feature a classic streamlined compression design for a body-hugging feel and full range of movement. These compression shorts have a comfortable elastic waistband and reflective details for visibility.

3. Under Armour Fly Fast ½ Tights

The Under Armour Fly Fast ½ Tights feature incredibly light HeatGear fabric that provides superior coverage and sweat-wicking capabilities. These compression shorts have a soft feel with a tight—but not too tight—fit for locked-in support.

Athlete wearing Under Armour Fly Fast ½ Tights.

Shop at Under Armour: UA Fly Fast ½ Tights

Under Armour’s Fly Fast ½ Tights utilize a lightweight material that dries very quickly and has anti-odor technology. These compression shorts feature an encased elastic waistband with an internal drawcord, as well as a built-in back pocket.

4. Adidas Saturday Half Tights

The Adidas Saturday Long Tights are a high-performance running tight that’s breathable and soft to the touch. These compression shorts feature a moisture-absorbing AEROREADY fabric that keeps you dry and comfortable.

Athlete wearing Adidas Saturday Half Tights.

Shop at Adidas: Adidas Saturday Half Tights

Adidas’ Saturday Long Tights have a snug fit with a midrise design and drawcord elastic waistband. These compression shorts feature a supportive and breathable construction with a back pocket for secure storage.

5. Adidas Adizero Primeweave Short Running Leggings

The Adidas Adizero Primeweave Short Running Leggings feature comfortable and lightweight Primeweave fabric that’s built for speed. These compression shorts have a seamless construction to reduce the chance of chafing over long distances.

Athlete wearing Adidas Adizero Primeweave Short Running Leggings.

Shop at Adidas: Adidas Adizero Primeweave Short Running Leggings

Adidas’ Adizero Primeweave Short Running Leggings feature stylish cheetah-print and reflective detailing for improved visibility in low-light conditions. These compression shorts have a classic snug fit with a drawcord elastic waistband.

6. Saucony Bell Lap Shorts

The Saucony Bell Lap Shorts offer a classic compression short design with streamlined support for your muscles in a clean and stylish look. These compression shorts utilize a recycled nylon fabric with plenty of stretch that allows for your natural range of motion.

Athlete wearing Saucony Bell Lap Shorts.

Shop at Saucony: Saucony Bell Lap Shorts

Saucony’s Bell Lap Shorts feature a drop-in pocket that allows you to securely store your phone against your body, an internal drawcord for adjustable comfort, and a reflective logo and detailing for added visibility in low-light conditions.

7. New Balance District Vision Q Speed Half Tights

The New Balance District Vision Q Speed Half Tights feature Shape Shield fabric for an incredibly soft and lightweight feel with distraction-free coverage. These compression shorts utilize quick-drying and moisture-wicking NB Dry technology.

Athlete wearing New Balance District Vision Q Speed Half Tights.

Shop at New Balance: NB District Vision Q Speed Half Tights

New Balance’s District Vision Q Speed Half Tights have a mid-rise fit and a classic snug feel that allows for a full range of motion. These compression shorts have drop-in pockets on the thighs and an exclusive NB x DV (District Vision) collaboration logo.

8. Copper Compression Base Layer Shorts

The Copper Compression Base Layer Shorts feature signature copper-infused nylon fabric that provides superior muscle support, endurance, and recovery. These compression shorts have 4-way stretch for a comfortable fit and full range of motion.

Shop at Copper Compression: Copper Compression Base Layer Shorts

Copper Compression’s Base Layer Shorts are lightweight and breathable with moisture-wicking capabilities to keep you cool and comfortable. These compression shorts can be worn on their own or as a bulk-free base layer.

9. Lululemon Surge Half Tights

The Lululemon Surge Half Tights feature signature Nulux fabric for weightless coverage and comfortable four-way stretch. These compression shorts are designed for running with reflective detailing and silicone grippers on the hem to prevent any ride-up.

Athlete wearing Lululemon Surge Half Tights.

Shop at Lululemon: Lululemon Surge Half Tights

Lululemon’s Surge Half Tights utilize a sleek and cool to the touch material that’s breathable, quick-drying, and wicks away moisture. These compression shorts have side drop-in pockets and easy-access gel pockets on the waistband.

10. 2XU Light Speed Compression Shorts

The 2XU Light Speed Compression Shorts are designed with Muscle Containment Stamping technology that dissipates load transfer on your knee while running. These compression shorts feature flexible, lightweight, and quick-drying PWX fabric.

Athlete wearing 2XU Light Speed Compression Shorts.

Shop at 2XU: 2XU Light Speed Compression Shorts

2XU’s Light Speed Compression Shorts use flatlock seams to reduce chaffing and 360-degree stretch for extra comfort. These compression shorts have a large phone pocket and an adjustable drawstring waistband with multiple pockets for storage.

11. Asics Silver Sprinter Half Tights

The Asics Silver Sprinter Half Tights provide superior coverage and support in a comfortable flat seam construction that helps to reduce chafing. These compression shorts have a classic compression fit that’s snug and flexible, as well as a reflective logo on the leg.

Athlete wearing Asics Silver Sprinter Half Tights.

Shop at Asics: Asics Silver Sprinter Half Tights

Asics’ Silver Sprinter Half Tights utilize a polyester and spandex fabric blend with a sleek finish and classic look. These compression shorts are highly rated and utilize a drawcord waistband for convenient adjustment.

12. Brooks Source Short Tights

The Brooks Source Short Tights are designed for speed and performance with a sleek and streamlined fit. These compression shorts have a semi-compressive design that allows for a complete range of motion.

Athlete wearing Brooks Source Short Tights.

Shop at Brooks: Brooks Source Short Tights

Brooks’ Source Short Tights feature easy and secure storage with two pockets, easy adjustability in the waistband, and great stretch and support for distraction-free running.

Another popular compression shorts option from Brooks Running is the Elite Short Tights.

Benefits of Compression in Hot Weather

When the temps and humidity rise, having the right gear becomes essential for athletes. Whether you’re training, competing, or just out for some endorphin-boosting exercise, compression garments are the best available clothing choice for hot weather.

The unique fabric blend of compression dries quicker than any other fabric choice, which is helpful when you’re pouring out sweat.

This way there’s no trudging along in sweat-soaked garments that can hamper your range of motion and cause painful chafing.

Additionally, the breathability and sweat-wicking capabilities of compression will help you stay cool, comfortable, and dry.

Athlete wearing compression shorts in hot weather.

Compression fabric is not only lightweight and breathable, but it also moves sweat away from the body to allow for proper body temperature regulation, which is especially important in warm conditions when overheating can occur.

Another beneficial element of compression wear that shouldn’t be overlooked is improved muscle oxygenation.

Whenever you’re moving, exercising, training, competing, or whatever it may be, the muscles in your body start working harder and demand an increase in oxygen.

Compression can assist your body in this process, as the compressive pressure is designed to increase the levels of oxygen your muscles receive through improved blood flow.

This improved muscle oxygenation helps athletes perform at a higher level for longer periods. There’s also the added benefit that better muscle oxygenation can lead to faster muscle recovery, which is a win for any athlete.

How to Keep Your Phone and Keys Secure When Running

Here’s a dilemma that every runner is faced with at least one time or another. What to do with your valuable items—phone, keys, credit card, etc.— while you’re out running.

Holding items in your hand is risky. Tucking them in your waistband, bra strap, or shoelaces isn’t a great or all-too-comfortable fix. And nobody likes the feel of things bouncing around in their pockets while trying to focus on the task at hand.

Even just out for a walk you might find the feel of your phone or keys sliding back and forth kind of irritating. And kick up the intensity on your workout and those items will start banging all around like crazy.

Thankfully, there are a few different solutions that have popped up over the years to combat this problem.

For example, some people prefer to use a running arm band as a way to secure their phone to their body while running.

Another option is the running belt or fanny pack that can be worn around the waist or shoulder.

And for those that are going for distance and require storage and hydration along for the ride, a running vest is a popular choice.

However, it’s worthwhile to note that each of these options adds an additional garment to your body. And while they’re designed to minimize bulk and not interfere with your movements, many runners prefer the less is more approach.

Athlete wearing compression shorts with pockets for storage.

So, if you’re looking for an option that doesn’t require any extra garments, superfluous fabric, or additional items to wear on your body, then a pair of compression shorts or tights with side drop-in pockets and waistband pockets is the best choice.

The side drop-in pockets on compression shorts and compression tights, like those in the picks listed above, are a great way to securely store your phone.

The stretchy and snug compression fabric secures the pocketed item tightly and comfortably against your leg or waistband. This way the item wont shift or bounce around, throwing off your concentration or causing you discomfort.

Keys also store well in drop-in pockets; though, many compression shorts and tights also provide a zippered or fold-in waistband pocket that’s perfect for storing smaller objects.

And the best part about a compression pocket is that you’re still able to move freely with the pocketed item. The compression fabric snuggly fits the item against your body while its stretchy properties allow your body a full range of motion.

So, if you’re looking for comfortable, secure, and performance-driven storage, check out our list of the Best Compression Shorts with Pockets.

And for additional help on picking out a great pair of compression shorts, check out our Comprehensive Guide to Compression Shorts. We cover all of the most common questions surrounding the wear, fit, and use of compression shorts.

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