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Best Full-Length Basketball Tights (2021)

Full-length options that boost your game and fit great under shorts.

NBA players wearing full-length compression tights.

What many assumed would be a short-lived trend instead appears to be sticking around for the long haul, as more and more basketball players are opting to wear compression tights under their shorts.

It’s actually not all that surprising. Athletes in a variety of sports have been adopting and incorporating compression tights into both their training and game-time performance.

Basketball is a sport where these compression benefits are immediately noticeable. Between all the sweat you pour out and the beating your leg muscles take, basketball players of all skill levels can benefit from utilizing compression tights on the court.

Determining the Best Full-Length Tights for Basketball

Here are the criteria we used for putting together our list of the best full-length basketball tights:

Prioritizes Mobility: First, and perhaps most important, is finding compression tights that don’t restrict your movement in any way. Basketball requires a lot of quick, agile, and explosive movements. You need tights that support your moves, not hinder them.

Secure Fit: Compression tights serve as your baselayer—the armor under your uniform. You need a pair you can count on to stay in place and keep you locked in no matter what your shorts and jersey do. A secure fit keeps your head in the game.

Optimized Design: Why opt for tights over shorts? To extend those compression benefits. But the extra length won’t matter if you have an inferior product. We’re looking for leading activewear brands with the best fabric, design, and technology that boosts your performance.

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1. Nike Pro Tights

First up, we have the Nike Pro Tights. These tights are a great full-length option for basketball and have earned a “Highly Rated” tag on the Nike site. They have a tight and secure fit while remaining very stretchy and comfortable as you move.

Athlete wearing Nike Pro compression tights.

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Another awesome feature of these tights is the waistband, which is slightly thicker for support but vented for breathability, making them great for wearing under shorts.

The Nike Pro Tights utilize sweat-wicking Dri-FIT technology to keep you dry, cool, and comfortable. Not only are these Nike tights great for basketball but you’ll find wide use for them beyond the court, as well.

Nike also has a ¾ length version of these tights: Nike Pro ¾ Tights

2. Under Armour HeatGear Tights

Next on our list we have the Under Armour HeatGear Tights. These tights are the latest version of the original Under Armour performance baselayer and are constructed with an ergonomic design for extra comfort, durability, and superior coverage.

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The HeatGear fabric is lightweight and features mesh paneling for extra ventilation. These tights have a wider waistband for added support and a drop-in pocket for storage.

Under Armour also has a ¾ length version of these tights: HeatGear ¾ Tights

3. Daniel Patrick X Harden Tights (Adidas)

Here’s a cool new basketball tights option from Adidas, the Daniel Patrick X Harden Tights. These were created in collaboration with sportswear designer Daniel Patrick to mix in some streetwear style with the more classic basketball look.

Athlete wearing Adidas Daniel Patrick X James Harden compression tights.

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These Harden tights have a great stretchy feel and fit that’s comfortable and layers well under shorts. Their versatile design looks just as good on the court in a gym as it does at the park.

4. Adidas Studio Techfit Seamless Tights

Up next is another great option from Adidas called the Studio Techfit Seamless Tights. As the name suggests, these tights utilize seamless edges to eliminate chafing and maintain a smooth feel on your skin.

Athlete wearing Adidas Studio Techfit Seamless compression tights.

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These tights consistently receive high marks for comfort thanks to their fit and fabric, which is soft, lightweight, and breathable. The Primeknit design provides a full range of motion and can be worn solo or under shorts.

5. McDavid Recovery Max Tights

Last but not least on our list we have the Recovery Max Tights by McDavid. These tights utilize a targeted compression technology to increase blood flow to your glutes, thighs, and calves for improved performance and recovery.

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The Recovery Max Tights have anatomically-designed flatlock stitching and a wider waistband for extra comfort. They have built-in side pockets for storage and can be worn solo or as a base layer.

When Should I Wear Compression Tights?

When you begin incorporating a quality pair of compression tights into your activewear ensemble, it won’t take long for you to notice just how versatile and widely applicable they can be.

Truly anytime that you’re active, compression tights can be worn to provide your lower half with comfort, mobility, support, temperature regulation, and more. Whether you’re training or competing in-game, you’ll benefit from wearing compression tights any time that you’re pushing your body.

Basketball player wearing compression tights and foam rolling for muscle recovery.

Even beyond activity, compression tights have beneficial application. While compression garments alone wont save you from muscle soreness, they can assist and speed up your recovery. So, be sure to consider compression tights as a post-activity option, as well.

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Why Do Basketball Players Wear Compression Tights?

In the NBA, players compete in a long and grueling season that requires a ton of physical effort and puts lots of wear and tear on their bodies. Many wear compression tights and other compression garments to assist their in-game performance while also aiding in injury prevention and muscle recovery.

You may also notice that some basketball players wear padded compression tights, as well, which are worn for the same reasons. The padding helps with injury prevention and reducing general wear and tear on the body. All those bumps and bruises can add up and affect overall performance.

Basketball players of all skill levels can wear compression tights to achieve these same performance and injury-prevention benefits. No matter at what level you play, anyone competing on the court knows that you can find yourself drenched in sweat and leg muscles burning in no time at all.

Compression tights wick sweat from your body to help keep you cool, comfortable, and dry while you play. Additionally, the compressive pressure applied to your legs offer muscle support and improved circulation. This helps players perform at a higher level for longer and many notice an improvement in muscle recovery time, as well.

If you’re still weighing your options for basketball tights, be sure to check out our picks for the Best Basketball Compression Tights 2021. These include our top picks across the 3 main styles: full-length, ¾ length, and padded compression tights.

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