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Best Seamless Thongs to Wear Under Compression 2022

Put them on. Forget about them. Give your best.

Athlete wearing seamless thong with leggings and compression shorts.

When you’re in the middle of competing, working out at the gym, or just out and about and being active, the last thing you want to have to worry about is your underwear.

An uncomfortable pair will distract you. A pair that chafes can be painful. And of course there are other worries too: Is it showing? Am I on display? Any of this can throw you off and keep you from performing your best.

So, a great pair is definitely not something to take for granted. Spending a little time and effort to find what works for you can make all the difference.

Here, we’ve picked out seamless thong options that work great under compression wear, whether it’s your leggings, yoga pants, compression tights, compression shorts, and more.

What Underwear Is Best for Under Leggings and Tights?

Well, for starters, it’s worth mentioning that some women prefer to go without underwear beneath their leggings, tights, and compression wear, which is totally fine.

In fact, compression wear is intended to be worn as a base layer (i.e. worn right against the skin), so adding a layer of fabric between your compression and skin, even underwear, can slightly hinder the benefits of compression.

However, there are many women that prefer to wear underwear beneath their compression. The reasons for doing so usually revolve around matters of comfort—an important factor in athletic performance that should never be overlooked.

With that in mind, there are definitely certain underwear options better suited to wear under compression than others.

In particular, we’ve highlighted seamless thong options designed for activity that work great under your running tights, workout leggings, volleyball shorts, soccer shorts, and much more.

Criteria for Our Top Seamless Thong Picks

1. Comfort. Underwear that fits and feels comfortable under snug-fitting compression. We’re looking for a seamless design and material that’s soft, durable, and lightweight.

2. Functionality. Underwear that’s functional during activity. We want it to stay in place, have performance-minded features, and not require a second thought.

3. Appearance. Underwear that you don’t ever see. We’re talking no visible panty lines here. One less thing to worry about will help keep you focused.

Of course, women come in all different shapes and sizes and for this reason it’s difficult to say with certainty which underwear style or design is going to work best for you. There’s always going to be some trial and error involved.

But we gathered these picks based on what met our criteria and worked well for most women across the board. And we’re confident you’ll find a seamless thong on this list that fits just right and becomes your new favorite.

Note: Featured products are independently selected and reviewed by Compression Athlete. If you purchase through our links, we may earn commission.

1. Under Armour Pure Stretch Thong

The Under Armour Pure Stretch Thong has a very soft and stretchy fabric that remains comfortable all day for any activity. It has a next-to-skin fit that won’t stretch out throughout the day but also doesn’t give a squeezing feeling.

Athlete wearing Under Armour Pure Stretch Thong.

Shop at Under Armour: Under Armour Pure Stretch Thong

Available on Amazon: Under Armour Pure Stretch Thong

Under Armour's Pure Stretch Thong is constructed with 4-way stretch to move in all directions along with your body, which also helps to reduce any rolling at the waistband. This thong boasts a laser-cut edges design for a seamless look and flattering silhouette.

Note: Available in Printed Designs.

2. Alo Yoga Airbrush Invisible Thong

The Alo Yoga Airbrush Invisible Thong is designed to be invisible, breathable, and light as air. This thong has second-skin fabric and a raw-edge finish for a barely-there feel that moves along with your body.

Athlete wearing Alo Yoga Airbrush Invisible Thong.

Shop at Alo Yoga: Alo Yoga Airbrush Invisible Thong

Alo Yoga’s Airbrush Invisible Thong is made with an ultra-light version of Alo’s signature Airbrush fabric that fits and feels great against your skin. True to its name, this thong is invisible under leggings and bikers.

3. Alo Yoga Airbrush Invisible String Thong

The Alo Yoga Airbrush Invisible String Thong is made from Alo’s lightest-weight Airbrush fabric that’s extra stretchy and fits like a second skin. This thong is so comfortable that it feels like you’re wearing nothing at all.

Athlete wearing Alo Yoga Airbrush Invisible String Thong.

Shop at Alo Yoga: Alo Yoga Airbrush Invisible String Thong

Alo Yoga’s Airbrush Invisible String Thong offers you a perfect blend of comfort, discretion, and protection. This thong is designed to be invisible under leggings and bikers and is perfect for working out.

4. BUBBLELIME Invisibles Sport Thong

The BUBBLELIME Invisibles Sport Thong is an extra soft thong with a smooth fit and sleek look. This thong has high elasticity for a stretchy stay-put fit and laser cutting for no visible panty lines.

Athlete wearing BUBBLELIME Invisibles Sport Thong.

Shop at BUBBLELIME: BUBBLELIME Invisibles Sport Thong

Available on Amazon: BUBBLELIME Invisibles Sport Thong

BUBBLELIME’s Invisibles Sport Thong features the brand’s softest-ever nylon and spandex fabric blend with high density for a comfortable and durable feel. Available in multiple color options.

5. EBY Seamless Thong

The EBY Seamless Thong features no-slip nylon grip to prevent any riding up, slipping down, or chafing. This seamless thong is also specifically designed to be invisible under your clothing.

Athlete wearing EBY Seamless Thong.

Shop at EBY: EBY Seamless Thong

Available on Amazon: EBY Seamless Thong

EBY’s Seamless Thong utilizes their extra comfortable nylon and spandex fabric blend. This thong has a mid-rise front but is also available in a high-waist version.

6. JIV Athletics Camel Toe Proof Thong

The JIV Athletics Camel Toe Proof Thong is specifically designed to smooth out camel toe and prevent unsightly silhouettes from occurring. To achieve this, JIV Athletics created a signature patent pending insert called the 3D tech spacer.

Athlete wearing JIV Athletics Camel Toe Proof Thong.

Shop at JIV Athletics: JIV Athletics Camel Toe Proof Thong

Shop at Revolve: JIV Athletics Camel Toe Proof Thong

JIV Athletics’ Camel Toe Proof Thong utilizes a seamless lux fabric that is breathable and moisture-wicking. This thong has a logo waistband and is tagless for extra comfort.

Note: Available in low-rise, mid-rise, and high-rise designs.

7. Lululemon InvisiWear Thong

The Lululemon InvisiWear Thong has a smooth and lightweight fabric that’s undetectable under leggings. This thong features a tight knit that prevents slippage and four-way stretch for comfort as you move.

Athlete wearing Lululemon InvisiWear Thong.

Shop at Lululemon: Lululemon InvisiWear Thong

Lululemon’s InvisiWear Thong is sweat-wicking and quick-drying to keep you dry and comfortable. This thong also has a breathable cotton gusset and a wide front panel for coverage.

8. Lululemon Seamless Thong

The Lululemon Seamless Thong was specifically designed with movement, flexibility, and activity in mind. This thong is sweat-wicking, quick-drying, and naturally breathable, all while remaining extra comfortable.

Athlete wearing Lululemon Seamless Thong.

Shop at Lululemon: Lululemon Seamless Thong

Lululemon’s Seamless Thong features a seamless construction and a smooth waistband that stays put but doesn’t dig in. This thong has a soft and lightweight fabric with an airy feel, as well as a seamlessly integrated cotton fiber gusset.

9. New Balance Breathe Thong

The New Balance Breathe Thong 2.0 is an athletic and lightweight mesh thong that’s very breathable, as well as moisture-wicking, seamless, and tagless.

New Balance Breathe Thong 2.0 front and back.

Shop at New Balance: New Balance Breathe Thong

Available on Amazon: New Balance Breathe Thong

New Balance's Breathe Thong 2.0 does a great job of reducing any twisting or bunching, while also avoiding any visible panty lines.

10. Gymshark No VPL Thong

The Gymshark No VPL Thong features a super soft and stretchy material with raw edges that’s all about comfort and no unflattering lines. This thong also has a shaped waistband and a low rise fit.

Athlete wearing Gymshark No VPL Thong.

Shop at Gymshark: Gymshark No VPL Thong

Gymshark’s No VPL Thong utilizes an extra comfortable nylon and elastane fabric blend that’s perfect for working out and won’t show any lines under shorts or leggings.

Note: Available in 3-Pack.

11. Uwila Warrior VIP Thong

The Uwila Warrior VIP Thong is a seamless and lightweight option that fits spectacularly under compression and other activewear options. This thong has a silky feel that’s stretchy and breathable.

Athlete wearing Uwila Warrior VIP Thong.

Shop at Free People: Uwila Warrior VIP Thong

Available on Amazon: Uwila Warrior VIP Thong

Uwila Warrior’s VIP Thong offers a no-show, no lines or creases look. Optimized for comfort, this thong has thermo-welded side seams and tags that rip out.

12. Hanky Panky Breathe Natural Rise Thong

The Hanky Panky Breathe Natural Rise Thong is designed to stay in place and eliminate any shifting or riding up. This thong disappears beneath tight-fitting garments and is ultra-lightweight for a barely-there look and feel.

Athlete wearing Hanky Panky Breathe Thong.

Shop at Hanky Panky: Hanky Panky Breathe Thong

Available on Amazon: Hanky Panky Breathe Thong

Hanky Panky’s Breathe Thong is made from microfiber knit that fits like a second skin and wicks moisture to keep you dry and comfortable. This thong has a wide V waistband that sits mid-hip.

13. Hanky Panky Breathe G-String

The Hanky Panky Breathe G-String is a great microfiber knit g-string that’s low rise and lightweight. It uses moisture-wicking fabric with a smooth second-skin feel to keep you dry.

Athlete wearing Hanky Panky Breathe G-String.

Shop at Hanky Panky: Hanky Panky Breathe G-String

Available on Amazon: Hanky Panky Breathe G-String

Hanky Panky’s Breathe G-String is available in five neutral colors that disappear under clothing. This thong also has a comfortable and soft-on-your-skin elastic waistband.

Note: Available in a 3-Pack.

14. Alphalete Seamless Thong

The Alphalete Seamless Thong has a high-leg cut and extra-stretchy material that’s moisture-wicking, breathable, and incredibly comfortable.

Athlete wearing Alphalete Seamless Thong.

Shop at Alphalete: Alphalete Seamless Thong

Alphalete's Seamless Thong has a laser cut specifically designed to be invisible under workout leggings and shorts. Also, its extra elasticity gives it a super comfortable fit that stays put while you’re working out.

15. Victoria’s Secret Stretch Cotton V-String

The Victoria’s Secret Stretch Cotton V-String is comfortable, lightweight, and has a string waist. While not specifically designed with activewear in mind, this VS panty style has received rave reviews over the years for working great under leggings, tights, and compression shorts.

Athlete wearing Victoria's Secret Stretch Cotton V-String.

Shop at Victoria's Secret: Victoria's Secret Stretch Cotton V-String

If you’re simply looking for a fabric buffer between you and your leggings for a little added security and comfort, a G-string or V-string can work very well. These styles allow you to ride the strap along the seam of your leggings for a comfortable and VPL-free look.

If you’re looking for some additional seamless underwear options, check out our list of the Best Seamless Briefs.

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