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Best Women’s Cold Weather Running Tights for 2021

Running tights to keep you warm and keep you going in the winter months.

Woman running in cold weather wearing compression running tights.

There’s no denying that running gets tougher both physically and mentally in the colder months. Whether you’re forging out early into a brisk morning or dealing with quickly disappearing daylight in the evening, winter always throws a few extra obstacles our way.

But whatever the weather conditions may be, you’re much more likely to get out there and enjoy your run if you’ve got the right gear. And a great pair of warm running tights makes a huge difference in the winter.

So, we’ve put together our list of the best 2021 cold weather running tights for women. Check it out, grab a pair, and forge ahead through those winter months.

Determining the Best Running Tights for Cold Weather

Here are the criteria we used for putting together our list of the best cold weather running tights:

Cold-Weather Design: While a general pair of compression tights would fair better than other fabrics in the cold, we’re looking for tights specifically designed to combat the elements. Not just a thicker fabric but technology designed to keep you warm during cold weather activity.

Extended Comfort: We’re looking for tights that don’t sacrifice comfort for warmth. These two must work hand in hand. An uncomfortable pair of warm running tights isn’t a working solution for your cold weather pursuits.

Protective Functionality: Choosing a pair of running tights that won’t let you down matters just that much more in the cold. We need a waistband that stays up to avoid cold exposure, full mobility to perform our best, and breathability so that we don’t overheat.

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1. Under Armour Qualifier Ignight ColdGear Tights

The first pair of cold weather running tights we’re taking a look at are the Under Armour Qualifier Ignight ColdGear Tights. These running tights are constructed of very soft and lightweight fabric with a few reflective details throughout. They have a brushed interior to keep you nice and toasty but remain breathable and flexible so you can move freely.

Shop at Under Armour: Qualifier Ignight ColdGear Tights

Under Armour’s Qualifier Ignight ColdGear Tights utilize great sweat-wicking material that dries exceptionally fast. They also have an encased elastic waistband with a drawcord and center-front pocket that is water-resistant and bounce-free.


  • 77% Polyester, 23% Elastane

  • Reflective detailing

  • No-bounce, center-front waistband pocket and side pocket

2. Under Armour Fly Fast 2.0 ColdGear Tights

Another great pair from Under Armour is the Fly Fast 2.0 ColdGear Tights. These tights are very lightweight and super comfortable. They have Under Armour’s Fly Fast fit which means extra softness and stretch paired with a brushed interior for warmth.

Find on the Under Armour site: Fly Fast 2.0 ColdGear Tights

The Under Armour Fly Fast 2.0 ColdGear Tights utilize 4-way stretch and quick-drying material that wicks away sweat. They have Under Armour ColdGear mesh knee paneling for ventilation and a wide and flat waistband with interior drawcord to stay in place.


  • 77% Polyester, 23% Elastane

  • Stay-put waistband pocket

  • Reflective detailing

3. 2XU Wind Defence Compression Tights

Up next, we have some great cold weather tights from 2XU called the Wind Defence Compression Tights. These tights have waterproof stretch membrane panels specifically designed to protect against water and wind chill. They also have soft brushed thermal panels for warmth and muscle support.

Find over on the 2XU site: Wind Defence Compression Tights

2XU compression tights utilize graduated compression, optimizing blood flow to your muscles and improving your warm up and recovery time. The Wind Defence Compression Tights feature reflective detailing and a drawstring waistband to ensure a secure fit.


  • 360-degree reflective detailing

  • Rear waistband pocket for device storage

  • Drawstring waistband

4. Lululemon Chase the Chill Super High-Rise Tight

The next pair we’re looking at is the Lululemon Chase the Chill Super High-Rise Tight. Lululemon specifically designed these tights for running in cold weather conditions. They utilize a multifaceted Tech Fleece Fabric that wicks sweat, has four-way stretch, and is brushed on the inside for softness and warmth.

Shop over on Lululemon: Chase the Chill High-Rise Tights

Lululemon Chase the Chill Super High-Rise Tight stretches 28” in length for a high-rise fit. They also forgo an inseam for a smooth fit and comfortable run. There’s also a unique Lululemon Loop Hold feature in the waistband should you want secure storage for your top layer.


  • Side pockets and hidden waistband pocket

  • Lululemon Loop Hold waistband tabs

  • Reflective detailing

5. Lululemon Keep The Heat Thermal Tight

Here’s another great pair from Lululemon named Keep the Heat Thermal Tight. These tights are insulated and sweat-wicking, so you’ll stay toasty through the bitterest of cold. This is achieved using the Lululemon SenseKnit Technology that offers breathability and support in a seamless knit fabric.

Find these over at Lululemon: Keep the Heat Thermal Tights

Lululemon Keep the Heat Thermal Tights have a high rise fit and a wool-blend fabric. This helps your body maintain good temperature regulation, as these tights are breathable and dry quickly.


  • 53% Nylon, 42% Wool, 5% Elastane

  • Lululemon SenseKnit Technology

6. New Balance Reflective Impact Run Heat Tight

Finishing up our 2021 top picks list is a great pair from New Balance called the Impact Run Heat Tights. These are constructed using New Balance’s NB HEAT fabric technology that wicks sweat and keeps you toasty. The fabric is a comfortable polyknit that is snug-fitting, flexible, and dons a reflective NB logo.

Shop on the New Balance site: Impact Run Heat Tights

The Impact Run Heat Tights have a back zipper pocket and side pockets, as well as a drawstring waistband. They fit snugly to your body with a nice tailored fit but still provide you with a full range of motion.


  • Hip pockets and back pocket with zipper

  • New Balance NB HEAT technology

Benefits of Compression in Cold Weather

Compression wear is one of the best tools an athlete can utilize in cold weather. The unique fabric blend of compression wear fortifies against chilly weather better than lighter fabrics like cotton and its snug fit is unaffected by gusting winds.

Also, while it might seem counterintuitive at first, breathability is an important element in your cold weather gear. If you’re wearing layers that trap in your body heat, you’ll end up overheating and drenched in sweat as you’re running, even in frigid temperatures.

The sweat-wicking capabilities of compression will help you strike the perfect balance you need for endurance and warmth. Compression fabric moves sweat away from the body allowing for proper temperature regulation, while still protecting you from the cold.

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