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Best Workout Jumpsuits & Bodysuits 2021

Stylish, comfortable, and no-fuss. Add a jumpsuit to your activewear rotation.

Best workout jumpsuits, bodysuits, and onesies for women.

Here’s a workout piece you might not have known you needed. But if ever there was a great time to give the workout jumpsuit a look, it’s now.

So, why is that exactly?

Well, here’s the workout jumpsuit in a nutshell: simple, comfortable, functional. It’s a no fuss option that’s great for workouts of every kind and intensity level. Not to mention the fact that they look great and can be styled a variety of ways.

You’ll notice these go by a few different names: workout jumpsuit, fitness jumpsuit, one-piece, onesie, bodysuit, or unitard (to name a few).

Whatever you choose to call it, we’re talking about one-piece compression garments that eliminate the need for a separate top and bottom.

Personal trainer Shannon Decker rocking the Koral Jet Infinity Jumpsuit for a workout.

At first thought this might seem constricting or limiting to your mobility, but quite the opposite is true. The polyester-spandex blend that these jumpsuits utilize is form-fitting and wears like a second skin on your body, increasing your mobility while offering great support.

Now, let’s face it, workout jumpsuits have been known to strike a bit of fear in some women. The whole one garment thing for your entire body can appear intimidating. But in reality a good jumpsuit can be very flattering on any body type and provide plenty of confidence.

Nike Master Trainer Alex Hipwell sporting the Nike Yoga Luxe Jumpsuit for a yoga session.

And let’s not overlook the most important aspect. A good workout jumpsuit can be incredibly comfortable. If you check out the reviews on these jumpsuits, you’ll notice comment after comment about just how comfortable they are.

Choosing a one piece is also a great way to simplify your workout outfit. Wearing a jumpsuit will eliminate garment tugging and adjusting from your workouts once and for all.

They also cut down on the number of seams you have to worry about, which means less chance of spilling out in an embarrassing way.

So, while the idea of wearing a jumpsuit for working out might be a new one to many of you, there are plenty of reasons to give it a try. Here, we’ve put together a list of 5 Great Jumpsuits for Working Out.

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1. Koral Jet Infinity Jumpsuit

The Koral Jet Infinity Jumpsuit features the Koral signature liquid-like fabric. The fabric design offers just the right amount of compression to support and smooth your body while remaining lightweight and comfortable for extended wear (which you’ll find yourself doing).

Athlete wearing Koral Jet Infinity Jumpsuit.

Shop at Koral: Koral Jet Infinity Jumpsuit

Koral's Jet Infinity Jumpsuit is figure forming, ankle length, and has a strapped open back. And to top it all off it’s H2O-friendly should the mood strike you for a dip.

Note: Koral Jet Infinity Jumpsuit also comes in a Shorts Version.

2. Koral Fara Seamless Jumpsuit

The Koral Fara Seamless Jumpsuit features a seamless design with high-performance support for a great blend of comfort and function. This jumpsuit has a flattering criss-cross back and a flexible fit that moves with your body.

Athlete wearing Koral's Fara Seamless Jumpsuit.

Shop at Koral: Koral Fara Seamless Jumpsuit

Koral’s Fara Seamless Jumpsuit features a sporty polyamide and spandex fabric blend that is designed for high performance. This jumpsuit looks great on its own and pairs well with sweatshirts and jackets for a post workout or cool weather look.

3. Nike Yoga Luxe Infinalon Jumpsuit

The Nike Yoga Luxe Jumpsuit features Nike’s ultra soft Infinalon fabric for a gentle compression that is breathable, sweat-wicking, and stretchy yet even stronger than your average spandex.

Athlete wearing Nike's Yoga Luxe Jumpsuit.

Shop at Nike: Nike Yoga Luxe Jumpsuit

The Infinalon fibers allow for tremendous mobility and have a gentle feel on your skin. Review after review notes just how comfortable it is—like a second skin—earning this jumpsuit a spot as one of Nike’s most highly rated products.

4. Lululemon Ribbed Contoured Yoga Unitard

The Lululemon Ribbed Contoured Yoga Unitard features a ribbed texture on the outside with a cool and smooth feel against your skin. This Lululemon unitard is designed to move and flow seamlessly with your body while also providing light support.

Athlete wearing Lululemon Ribbed Contoured Yoga Unitard.

Shop at Lululemon: Lululemon Ribbed Contoured Yoga Unitard

Lululemon’s Ribbed Contoured Yoga Unitard utilizes a stretchy nylon and lycra fabric blend that is sweat-wicking, quick-drying, and has flexible four-way stretch. This unitard has a built-in shelf bra and pockets for removable cups.

5. Lululemon Sweat Intention Onesie

The Lululemon Sweat Intention Onesie is a heat-friendly, sweat-wicking option designed with yoga in mind. This onesie features Lululemon’s buttery-soft Nulu fabric that is super comfortable and cool-to-the-touch.

Athlete wearing Lululemon Sweat Intention Onesie.

Shop at Lululemon: Lululemon Sweat Intention Onesie

Lululemon’s Sweat Intention Onesie utilizes silicone grippers on the hem to prevent any leg ride-up from occurring. This onesie has a nylon and lycra fabric blend with four-way stretch that contours to your body.

6. Reebok Studio Bodysuit High Intensity

The Reebok Studio Bodysuit is a fitted bodysuit with full coverage that's great for any activity. It also zips in the front and achieves a high-waisted look with strategically placed cut lines.

Athlete wearing Reebok Studio High Intensity Jumpsuit.

Shop at Reebok: Reebok Studio Bodysuit

Reebok's Studio Bodysuit uses their signature Speedwick fabric to keep you cool and dry. Its ribbed side panels and front zipper make it super easy to take on and off.

7. Athleta Legend Bodysuit

The Athleta Legend Bodysuit is a limited-edition piece from the Allyson Felix + Athleta collection. This bodysuit has a 5-inch inseam leg length and was designed with running in mind—long distances, short distances, and trail running.

Athlete wearing Athleta Legend Bodysuit.

Shop at Athleta: Athleta Legend Bodysuit

Athleta’s Legend Bodysuit features their sleek SuperSonic compression fabric that is supportive, breathable, and quick-drying. This bodysuit features sustainable polyester and lycra fabric, as well as a back zipper for easier on/off action.

Check out the most decorated track and field Olympian Allyson Felix sporting this piece during competition here.

8. Free People The Lovers Onesie

The Free People Lovers Onesie is a sleek one-piece designed to move with your body through any workout routine. It has a ribbed bodice that is figure-flattering and cutout details that increase breathability.

Athlete wearing Free People The Lovers Onesie.

Shop at Free People: Free People The Lovers Onesie

Free People’s The Lovers Onesie features a comfortable and stretchy nylon and spandex fabric blend. This onesie has racerback straps, a V-neckline, and ankle-cropped length in the legs.

9. Free People Nirvana Now Onesie

The Free People Nirvana Now Onesie is a workout one-piece with a stretch fit, flattering seam details, and a sleek strappy-back. This onesie utilizes medium compressive pressure that offers support while also allowing you to move freely.

Athlete wearing Free People Nirvana Now Onesie.

Shop at Free People: Free People Nirvana Now Onesie

Free People’s Nirvana Now Onesie features a stretchy and comfortable nylon and elastane fabric blend. This onesie has a mesh-lined bust, a cropped 7/8 leg length, and a great pull-on style.

10. Free People Side To Side Perfect Onesie

The Free People Side To Side Performance Onesie has a great stretchy fit that is formfitting and sports figure-flattering seams. It has a high neckline with an open keyhole back and racerback straps.

Athlete wearing Free People Side to Side Performance Onesie.

Shop at Free People: Free People Side To Side Performance Onesie

Free People's Side To Side Performance Onesie is cropped at the ankles and tends to run a bit large, so size down for a tighter fit. Also, this jumpsuit is available in a variety of colors!

This are just a few of several great jumpsuits that Free People has available on their website. You might also want to check out the top rated Happiness Runs Square Neck Onesie and the new Cool Running Onesie. Both options are great for workouts and maximizing comfort.

When to Wear a Workout Jumpsuit

If you’re wondering whether there’s a right or wrong time to wear your workout jumpsuit, or if they’re meant more for a certain activity or workout but not for others, the answer is: no, not really. You can substitute a jumpsuit for your usual workout garments in basically any scenario.

What many women love about the jumpsuit is what makes it such a great alternative to the usual top and bottom workout gear, even if it’s just for a fun change of pace. It eliminates much of the fuss and trouble that tends to accompany other activewear.

If you’re squatting, there’s no potentially revealing break in fabric between top and bottom that you have to worry about. If you’re jumping, the straps keep you in place and there’s no fabric flying up in your face. If you’re moving side-to-side and twisting your body, there’s no pausing to adjust or tug garments back into place.

The workout jumpsuit keeps you locked in and worry-free. You might even forget you’re wearing it, which is the best feeling there is when it comes to workout gear.

Benefits of Wearing a Workout Jumpsuit

One way to think of a workout jumpsuit is as a favorite pair of compression shorts or tights that doesn’t stop at your waist but extends to cover through your torso and chest. Not only is this a great way to stay locked-in for a workout but this design allows the compression benefits to extend to more of your body, as well.

The compression fabric utilized by workout jumpsuits is ideal for activity of all kinds. It is breathable, soft to the touch, and comfortable for extended wear. Additionally, it wicks sweat from your body to keep you cool and dry, while also improving blood flow to your muscles to keep your endurance up.

Beyond wearing a one-piece jumpsuit for working out, you might even find you like wearing one post-activity. There’s plenty of research supporting compression’s benefits on muscle recovery. And to top it all off, these things can be crazy comfortable, making them great for lounging in or running errands.

However you choose to incorporate yours, investing in a good workout jumpsuit is definitely worth it. Give one a try!

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