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Can I Wear Compression Shorts Every Day?

What to look for in an everyday compression shorts option and what to avoid.

Athlete wearing compression shorts: Is it okay to wear compression shorts everyday?

Once you find a brand or style of compression shorts that fits and feels great, it’s not uncommon to begin wearing them more often and expanding their use.

Many guys find that they really enjoy the way compression shorts fit under their clothing, perhaps first noticing this with activewear then realizing the same holds true for everyday clothing, as well.

When compared to other underwear options, you may find that your compression shorts are superior in a number of ways: no bunching up or rolling of the legs, provide a secure baselayer, and moisture wicking to keep you cool and dry.

These characteristics aren’t just sought after when competing or working out, they’re great to have in underwear anytime.

So, is it okay to wear compression shorts every day?

Yes, you can wear compression shorts every day, so long as you choose a pair that does not block in moisture or is too tight. Compression shorts that have either of these characteristics can lead to problems with extended wear.

We’ll go over both of these aspects below, as well as offer our recommendation for the best compression shorts for everyday wear.

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Choose Compression Shorts That Don’t Block in Moisture

When it comes to your compression shorts, if you have tight, non-breathable fabric that’s holding in moisture, especially around the groin area, you’re providing the perfect conditions for fungus-related misfortune (like jock itch).

That’s why it’s so important that you invest in a pair of compression shorts with quality fabric that is breathable and has moisture-wicking technology. Not only will you feel better and more comfortable as you’re active, but this will also help to maintain your body temperature and health in your lower half.

Choose Compression Shorts That Aren’t Too Tight

Another important factor to look for in your compression shorts is how tight they fit at the waist. Compression shorts that fit too tightly in the waistband can result in heartburn by pushing on your abdomen and forcing up stomach acid and food.

Man measuring waistband for compression shorts.

Support is one thing (and it’s important to have), but what you don’t want is any cramming or excessive pressure. A good rule of thumb is if your compression shorts limit your mobility or flexibility in any way, then you likely need a larger size.

Best Compression Shorts for Everyday Wear

With all this in mind, if you’re looking for compression shorts that are a great fit for everyday wear, we suggest the Reebok Workout Ready Compression Shorts.

These are designed for extra comfort, as they use a fabric blend of 84% polyester, 16% elastane. Typical compression shorts run upwards of 90% polyester, so incorporating more elastane into the blend allows for more stretch and comfort.

Grab a pair over on Reebok's site: Reebok Workout Ready Compression Shorts

Additionally, if you’re looking for a compression shorts option that works really well for extended wear and everyday wear, you might want to consider a hybrid option known as the compression boxer brief.

Our favorite is the Nike Elite Micro Boxer Briefs. These utilize 4-way stretch and bonded seams for optimal comfort, while also sporting Nike Dri-FIT technology to keep you cool and dry.

Compression boxer briefs fit and feel much like compression shorts, while enjoying their many benefits too: no bunching or rolling, moisture wicking, and a secure fit that stays in place under your clothing.

Shop these over on Nike’s site: Nike Elite Micro Boxer Briefs

These characteristics lend themselves to an improved extended wear when compared to your average compression shorts, while still retaining those compression shorts benefits that make them such an attractive option.

The Boxerjock by Under Armour is another popular compression boxer brief that pretty much started the hybrid trend. Also, if you're interested in the compression boxer briefs style, you might want to check out our Top 5 Picks.

Is It Dangerous to Wear Compression Shorts All the Time?

You know that compression shorts apply pressure to your leg muscles: quads, hams, and glutes. With a quality pair that’s doing their job you should actually be able to feel the pressure to a slight degree.

But what about if you’re wearing compression shorts every day, i.e. applying that pressure to your body all the time, is that dangerous in any way? The short answer is: no. Compression garments offer better support and blood flow to your muscles with no alteration to your body’s normal functioning.

Mild, Moderate, Firm, Extra Firm pressure levels in compression garments.

Compression shorts sold by popular athletic brands (Nike, Reebok, Under Armour, etc.) are fine for extended, everyday wear. These compression shorts are made for widespread use with normal compression pressure levels that range in the mild to firm levels, as outlined in the graphic above.

Compression shorts or other garments that utilize extra firm pressure will signal this to the purchaser, as they are not intended for the average user. Extra firm pressure in particular should be used in moderation or at the direction of your doctor, physical therapist, or other healthcare provider.

Note: While it’s not dangerous to wear compression shorts or other compression activewear every day, it’s really not necessary that you wear them all the time either, as your body does not require this extra support.

Benefits of Wearing Compression Before and After Activity

Now that you know that compression shorts are okay for everyday wear and extended use, you might not be that surprised to learn compression garments are great for both pre-activity and post-activity, not just during the activity itself.

In the same way that the compression garments increase muscle stability and blood flow during activity for improved endurance and ability, this process is also great for warming up your muscles pre-activity and helping your muscles recover post-activity.

Proper muscle warm-up will help you reduce injury and perform your best. And good muscle recovery will allow you to get back in the game quicker.

Recently, some activewear brands have begun designing compression garments with post-activity muscle recovery in mind. You can check out some of those great recovery options here.

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