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7 Easy Ways to Incorporate Healthy Habits into Your Life

Easy to integrate apps, devices, and services.

Athlete performing healthy exercise.

Making big health and lifestyle changes can feel daunting to say the least.

It’s hard to find the time, you don’t know where to start, and it’s easier to just stick with your comfortable routines.

Put it another way: Too many insurmountable hurdles.

But attaining a healthy lifestyle and building a healthier you is simply too important to give up on.

So, let’s start small, simple, and easy to incorporate into your busy life.

Lock-in some easier to manage habits and stack up those attainable goals.

You might be surprised by how that success breeds further inspiration and engagement, leading to more success down the road.

Whether you’re starting from scratch or looking for a boost to keep going, you’ll want to check out these 7 easy ways to incorporate healthy habits into your life.

Try one (or a few) of these picks and start building a healthier and happier you.

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Let’s start off with the proper fuel for your body.

No matter where you are in your fitness journey or whichever health goals you’re looking to achieve, good nutritional practices will always be a cornerstone of success.

There also happens to be this wonderful and simple formula that when you eat good, you feel good.

Healthy foods arranged in a heart.

But let’s face it, putting this into action on a daily basis is easier said than done.

However, there are a couple of different methods available nowadays that make staying on track a much more attainable goal.

Here are some simple ways to integrate sound nutritional practices into your everyday routine.

Method 1: MyFitnessPal Nutrition Tracking App

Using a nutrition and fitness app is a great way to receive assistance with your daily nutrition, build healthy habits, track your progress, and glean helpful insights along the way.

One of the best all-in-one apps out there is MyFitnessPal, which allows you to track food, exercise, and calories.

MyFitnessPal app

MyFitnessPal: Sign Up Here

By logging the food you eat into the app, you receive a complete nutritional breakdown and better understanding of your personal nutrition for smarter choices that work toward your goals.

Integrating the convenient and helpful MyFitnessPal app into your routine will keep you focused and working toward your goals, even if your goal is to simply eat healthier or drink more water.

Method 2: Eat Clean Meal Plan Delivery Service

Easily one of the most common hurdles people face when it comes to eating a healthy diet is finding the time to actually shop, prepare, and cook the meals.

If you’re looking to overcome this hurdle, the rise of healthy meal delivery services has been a game changer.

Eat Clean healthy meal delivery service.

Eat Clean: Sign Up Here

Eat Clean’s Meal Plan allows you to choose your meals and set your schedule, anywhere from 4 to 12 meals per week (pause, change, or cancel anytime).

They offer over 500 well-balanced meal options with premium proteins, complex carbs, and farm fresh veggies (as well as Paleo, Keto, and Plant Based choices).

Fresh chef cooked meals delivered to your door and ready to eat in 2 minutes is a great way to provide your body with the fuel it needs to thrive and feel good on a consistent basis.

Now, let’s get that body moving.

Any number of factors can hold us back from getting exercise and moving our bodies throughout the day.

And while, of course, sometimes we may lack a little motivation to get moving, other times there are legitimate factors or barriers holding us back.

Athlete working out on treadmill.

This might be finding enough time to squeeze a workout into a busy schedule or a little touch of convenience that allows you to integrate exercise into your daily routine.

Another aspect for many is that as we age, our bodies simply aren’t as fluid and flexible as they once were.

A little physical assistance with an activity can go a long way toward enjoying pain-free exercise.

Method 3: WalkingPad

One of the most popular ways to incorporate movement into your everyday life is a treadmill.

Great for walking, jogging, and running, treadmills help to reduce some of the impact on your joints that you’d experience outdoors, while also allowing you to stay active through any weather or season.

Athlete using WalkingPad treadmill at home.

Shop at WalkingPad: G1 Foldable Treadmill for Home

But having enough space for a treadmill is what often holds people back from purchasing one for their own home or apartment.

The WalkingPad Foldable Treadmill fixes this problem with a unique half-fold design (180-degree fold) that allows for convenient storage in limited space.

It’s also super easy to move, set up, and use anytime and anywhere you want.

Method 4: VTUVIA Electric Bike

Here’s a great way to give a helpful boost to a favorite activity.

By adding a motor and a battery, electric bikes help you up hills, travel further distances, and keep up a nice pace, all while expending less energy on your end.

Man and woman riding VTUVIA electric bikes.

Shop at VTUVIA: SF20 Electric Bike

Top-selling options like VTUVIA SF20 Electric Bike sport a powerful motor, fat tires for a smooth ride, and a removable battery with a range of up to 48 miles per charge.

This electric bike also boasts a step-through frame for easy mounting/dismounting and a convenient folding design for simple storage.

And let’s keep that body feeling good.

Aches and pains have a way of convincing us to put off exercise and activity for some other day when we’re feeling better.

Whether your exercise style is high-impact or low-impact, a seasoned athlete or an enthusiastic beginner, pushing your body with physical activity is going to result in sore muscles.

Man foam rolling for muscle recovery.

But don’t forget that these sore muscles are an essential element on the path to progress.

Allowing your body adequate rest and recovery time is key to growing stronger and healthier.

Nowadays, when those sore muscles pop up along the way, there are helpful recovery tools and devices available that boost your body’s natural recovery to help you feel fresher, faster.

Method 5: Ekrin 365 Massage Gun

Our first recovery device is one you’ve likely seen around by now, as massage guns have enjoyed a huge surge in popularity over the last few years.

Percussion therapy delivered by a massage gun is an easy to use and highly effective recovery method used by athletes and everyday fitness enthusiast alike.

A great massage gun option that’s super easy to incorporate into your daily routine is the Ekrin 365 Massage Gun.

Athlete using the Ekrin 365 massage gun.

Shop at Ekrin: Ekrin 365 Massage Gun

This massage gun has a slim and lightweight feel with an easy-to-grip ergonomic design for quick and convenient relief.

There’s no shortage of massage gun options on the market today, but you’ll still want to go with a trusted brand like Ekrin that offers an impressive lifetime warranty on their products.

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Method 6: Chirp Wheel

When your body feels good, you’re more likely to get up, move it, and enjoy moving it.

For many of us that sit at a desk all day hunched forward looking at a screen, the back and neck is a main area of contention that unfortunately dictates so much of how your body feels as a whole.

Muscle tightness, neck stiffness, tension headaches, posture problems can affect any facet of our daily lives, whether you’re on your feet all day engaged in physical work or stuck sitting on a long commute.

Athlete using the Chirp Wheel..

Shop at Chirp: Chirp Wheel Deep Tissue

Shop at Chirp: Chirp Wheel 3-Pack

The Chirp Wheel is a great way to deliver targeted pressure massage to problem areas along the spine, working to stretch and strengthen your muscles while also elongating your spine for improved posture.

While you’ve likely seen or used a foam roller before, the Chirp Wheel is a step above in both design and effectiveness.

Their wheels utilize thick cushioning for comfort and a signature Spinal Canal to protect your spine from pressure as you roll, resulting in reduced back pain and improved posture, mobility, and core strength.

Make it a daily routine, or a couple of times a week, and ward off back and neck pain from occurring in the first place.

Let’s maintain that progress and keep it going.

Here’s one of the most important aspects to remember when we’re talking about healthy fitness and lifestyle habits.

A healthy body is more than just a number on a scale.

It’s more than the muscle definition you can see in the mirror.

Woman meditating for a healthy mind.

It’s more than how much you can lift, how fast you can run, and on and on and on.

Building a healthy mind is essential to your overall well-being and an incredibly helpful tool to have on your journey.

Learning how to manage things like stress, anxiety, and expectations can lead to success in other areas, such as a healthier diet, improved sleep, and a more consistent exercise regimen.

Method 7: Mindfulness & Meditation Apps

Just like any skill or strength, building a healthy mind takes work and consistency.

Thankfully, in recent years, it’s never been easier to practice mindfulness, meditation, and other healthy habits for your mind thanks to the convenient use of apps on our phones and tablets.

Aura Health App and Balance App

Aura Health App: Try for Free

Balance App: Try for Free

One of the best options out there is the Aura Health App, which provides an all-in-one app for mindfulness and well-being.

This app learns how to best help you with personalized recommendations for meditation, health coaching, work wellness, breathwork, and much more.

Another great option is the Balance App, which touts personalized meditation that adapts to you.

This app breaks down meditation into trainable skills and allows you to follow your progress, offering meditation for work, sleep, focus, relaxation, anxiety, and more.

Now, keep in mind that not one of these methods, devices, apps, etc. will automatically turn you into uber healthy, physically elite specimen overnight.

Think of the methods listed here as tools for your personal health toolbox.

Sometimes incorporating a new way of doing things leads to a breakthrough where several other pieces fall into place.

And remember that little achievements add up.

So, when you’re working on improving your health, it’s always time and effort well spent.

For additional insights and guidance on your athletic endeavors, check out our Recover Series.

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