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Top Picks for Women's Golf Leggings

Looking for a great pair of leggings to wear golfing? Here’s our Top 4 list.

So, we’ve covered how leggings can be a great choice for golfing. Whether it’s the comfort they provide, the functionality, or their performance and recovery benefits, there’s really no going wrong.

And while most any pair of leggings can work well for a round of golf or for taking some swings at the range, you’ll find that there are certain options that work better than others.

Recently, some athletic brands have come out with leggings specifically designed with golfing in mind. Adding features like pockets (very handy when golfing) and insulation for the colder months when shorts or skirts are no longer an option make these leggings a great choice when hitting the links.

So, if you’re an avid golfer or just an enthusiast looking to build your game and have some fun out there on the course, here are our top four picks for women’s golf leggings.

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1. Under Armour Links Leggings

The first pick we’ll take a look at is from Under Armour and goes by the name Under Armour Links Leggings. These are a great versatile option that will remind you of your basic workout leggings while also adding some nice touches for the course.

For example, they’re designed with 4-way stretch that will both flex with your swing motion and form nicely to your body. This minimizes the drag that baggier clothing can cause on your golf swing. The fabric also wicks sweat from your body to keep you cool and dry and has a neat mesh panel design on the calf for additional breathability.

Also worth mentioning that a common comment in the reviews for this product is just how comfortable and lightweight these leggings are. So, a great option for spring weather, cool summer nights, and even into the fall weather.

The Under Armour Links Leggings have a high-waist fit with an elastic waistband. They also have open hand pockets, which are so nice to have on the course (for your tees, balls, cell phone, etc.). Many women also note the versatility of these leggings, finding use for them beyond the golf course, as well.

You can shop the Under Armour Links Leggings on Amazon here: Check current price.

2. Adidas Climaheat Golf Leggings

Up next, we have two styles from Adidas that are designed specifically for colder course conditions. The first style is called Climaheat Golf Leggings. These leggings are insulated to keep you warm and dry against the elements. However, they still keep a slim look with a tapered fit.

The Adidas Climaheat technology wicks away any moisture from your skin while also trapping your body’s heat to keep you warm. Their stretch waistband also allows for ample mobility in your golf swing.

The Climaheat Leggings can also be found on Amazon: Check current price.

3. Adidas Cold.Rdy Golf Leggings

Here’s the second option from Adidas called the Cold.Rdy Golf Leggings. As you can probably guess from the name, these are designed to keep you warm through chilly conditions on the links. They have a bonded waistband to stay in place and body-contoured seams to fit nicely against your body.

The Adidas COLD.RDY technology brings insulation, wind-resistance, and water-repellence to these golf leggings. They also provide UPF 50+ protection against harmful UV rays.

These are available to shop over on the Dick’s Sporting Goods site: Check current price.

4. Nike Golf Joggers

Our final pick is another alternative to the traditional golf pant. While not technically leggings, they are a new product offering by Nike called the Nike Golf Joggers. They’re a sporty alternative that provides both comfort and warmth.

These joggers use the Nike Flex fabric that is designed to move and stretch well along with your body. It’s also a soft fabric that’s quiet as it moves (i.e. no annoying “swishing” sound). These pants are cuffed at the ankle, which creates that jogger look. They also have a nice stretchy waistband and several pockets, which come in very handy on the golf course.

It’s also worth noting that golf joggers like these can be a great option for when you’re playing a course with a dress code. So, if you’re playing a private course or country club that prohibits wearing leggings or tights but you’re still looking for a more relaxed option, these are a great choice.

These Nike golf joggers are versatile in their pairing options, going well with a variety of tops, from athletic wear to polos to casual tanks. They also transition well for wear off the course.

Shop the Nike Golf Joggers on Nike’s site here: Check current price.

Even beyond the warmth and comfort that leggings can provide you on the golf course, there are a number of reasons why choosing compression can improve your game and aid your muscle recovery. Learn about the benefits of compression, as well as best care practices to keep your gear in peak form for longer.

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