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Can I Wear Compression Shorts As Underwear?

Considering substituting a pair of compression shorts for your usual underwear? Here’s a rundown of what to consider and how to find the right pair.

Athlete wearing compression shorts as underwear.

You’ve noticed how they’re comfortable, don’t ride up, keep you cool, and fit like a second skin.

You like the support they offer and how they serve as a great base layer for your clothing.

And you’re also wondering if you could start wearing them more frequently than just for working out.

We’re talking about compression shorts here.

And if you’re someone that looks forward to gearing up before a workout because you love the fit and fabric of your activewear, maybe you’ve thought about incorporating some of those pieces into your everyday wear.

A common example we often hear is whether you can wear compression shorts as underwear.

The answer is: Yes.

Compression shorts are designed to be worn as a base layer, just like underwear, and are a comfortable and practical choice in many scenarios.

Let’s take a look at wearing compression shorts as underwear and what you’ll want to consider when choosing a pair for yourself.

Is It Okay to Wear Compression Shorts As Underwear?

Because of the way they fit differently than your average pair of underwear, in particular, the compression applied to your body, you may be wondering if it’s okay to wear compression shorts as underwear.

In other words, is it okay to wear them every day for extended periods of time?

If you’re an individual in good health, there’s no problem with wearing compression shorts for longer periods of time.

In fact, compression wear is intended to be worn as a base layer, just like underwear, and can be worn for long durations.

Athlete with folded arms wears compression shorts as underwear.

However, if you have any health issues that may be impacted by compressive pressure applied to your body, be sure to check with a healthcare professional first.

In general, it doesn’t make a difference whether you’re wearing compression shorts for a shorter period of athletic competition or for a longer stretch of casual wear, you can enjoy the benefits either way.

Note that if you are wearing compression for longer periods of time, be sure to give your muscles and body a break.

For the average individual, there’s really no need or benefit to wearing compression 24/7.

Here’s something else you’ll want to keep in mind.

If you’re utilizing compression shorts for both everyday wear and physical activities like working out and athletic competition, you’ll need to replenish your compression shorts more frequently.

The lifespan of your compression can be sped up by frequent and prolonged use.

Choosing Compression Shorts to Wear As Underwear

If you’re considering wearing compression shorts as an alternative to more traditional underwear options, you’ll want to be mindful of which compression short style you choose.

While you could generally wear most any compression shorts as underwear, certain designs will perform better than others in this role.

For example, some compression shorts are designed as more of an outerwear option.

Runner wearing compression shorts as outerwear option.

These tend to be high quality, utilize a thicker fabric, and are higher on the price range, as well.

Options like this would fit a bit bulkier under your clothing and may keep your lower half warmer than you’d prefer.

Check out our list of the Best Compression Boxer Briefs.

Many activewear brands have also introduced a more everyday wear design of compression shorts known as compression boxer briefs.

For example, Under Armour has one called Boxerjock that is a blend between boxer briefs and compression shorts meant to target this very idea.

Shop at Under Armour: Under Armour Boxerjock

Are There Benefits to Wearing Compression Shorts?

There are a number of different benefits you can get from wearing compression shorts, whether you’re wearing them for physical activity or everyday wear.

Here are three topline benefits of wearing compression shorts.

Support for Your Muscles

The compressive pressure supplied by compression shorts offers more support to your muscles than any other alternative.

What’s uniquely useful about compression support is that it doesn’t hinder or suppress the range of motion of your muscles, which is essential in athletic competition and other activities.

Offer the Most Comfort

The signature blend of stretch and soft feel make compression shorts the most comfortable base layer option.

Additionally, the moisture-wicking capability of compression fabric helps to regulate your body’s temperature during activity and against harsh weather.

Aid in Injury Prevention

Compression shorts can aid in injury prevention by improving the blood circulation in the areas where applied.

This can help to warm up your muscles faster prior to activity, which plays a big role in reducing the chance of injury while your active.

Compression Shorts Are Beneficial to Recovery

Not only do compression shorts aid and improve the performance of athletes during activity, but there are benefits to wearing them post-activity, as well.

Many athletes that start utilizing compression wear experience a noticeable difference in reduced muscle soreness.

Athlete using massage gun for muscle recovery.

With this in mind, wearing compression shorts as underwear can be a helpful way to incorporate their muscle-recovery benefits into your everyday routine.

Even if you adopt a lower-grade level of compression pressure in this case, you can still enjoy the recovery benefits of compression.

If you’re new to compression shorts and want to learn how to begin incorporating them into your workouts and more, check out our guide on How to Wear Compression Shorts.


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