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Compression Athlete Mission

About Compression Athlete

Compression Athlete is dedicated to helping athletes find the best activewear and equipment for both performance and recovery.  

Here, you’ll find up-to-date gear and apparel picks at the start of each season, so that you’re ready to hit the ground running with exactly what you need to compete and succeed.

You’ll also discover helpful tips and information for navigating the expanding role of compression gear, activewear, footwear, recovery tools, and more, in the sports world and beyond.

Compression Athlete Team

So, Who Are We?

We’re athletes like you. And when we’re training, competing, and keeping active, we like comfortable, reliable, and high-performing gear, so that we can be at our best.

We have professional backgrounds in marketing, communications, retail and more, that allow us to offer a unique perspective at the intersection of product, consumer, and market.

And we’re committed to bringing athletes of all stripes and skill levels relevant information, advice, and recommendations to help elevate athletic performance and nurture healthy passions.

Compression Athlete Founder and Editor

Daniel Ritter, MBA
Founder & Editor

A lifelong multi-sport athlete and writer, I created Compression Athlete to connect athletes with the top gear and apparel options that best fit their sport or activity.

In the rapidly evolving world of fitness, Compression Athlete is a steadfast resource where athletes can go for confidence on the court, field, track, gym, and more.    

Whether you’re chasing championships, personal bests, or simply a healthier and more active lifestyle, Compression Athlete is here for athletes like you.

Have a question? Drop us a line here:

Compression Athlete Focus

How We Operate

All the information and opinions expressed on Compression Athlete are solely those of the Compression Athlete team led by founder and editor, Daniel Ritter.

Our sole aim is to offer useful, high-quality guides, recommendations, and reviews to improve your athletic pursuits and knowledge.

For this reason, we thoroughly research and carefully write 100% of the content on our site.

This means no sponsored links, posts, or other promotional content. And there is absolutely no AI-generated content on our site. Zero.

Editorial Guidelines for Compression Athlete

Our site prioritizes the following editorial pillars when producing content:

  • Accuracy: All content is carefully researched, fact-checked, and curated.

  • Timeliness: Up-to-date picks and advice for each new season and advancement. 

  • Expertise: Input and personal experience from seasoned athletes and experts.

When making picks or recommendations on our site, we generally apply the following formula:

Performance x Price x Convenience.

In other words, we’re looking for super effective options that are cost friendly and very simple to use.

Additionally, Compression Athlete only recommends or includes products as a “top pick” if we’ve personally used or would use it ourselves. 

We also look for picks from athletic brands and companies that have great reputations, proven track records, and science to back up their claims.

Compression Athlete would never recommend a product or service that has known drawbacks, poses a safety risk, or causes harm in any form.

You can see us demonstrate and review many of our activewear and recovery device recommendations over on our YouTube Channel.

How Compression Athlete Makes Money

Our site makes money in the following ways:

  • Ad Placements

  • Affiliate Links

  • Discount Codes.

While Compression Athlete does participate in ad placements and affiliate programs throughout the site for which we receive commissions, these affiliations never improperly influence our review or content production process.

Compression Athlete About
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