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The Best Massage Guns for Athletes 2024

Boost muscle recovery with effective handheld percussion therapy.

Athlete using massage gun on arm muscles.

You’ve likely seen these in action by now, as massage guns have enjoyed a big boost in popularity the past few years.

Easy to use and noticeably effective, this popularity is well-deserved.

And after noticing all your favorite athletes using them and gaining an understanding of how percussion therapy works, you’re like wondering: Should I try one out for myself?

If you’re a committed athlete that doesn’t like to be bogged down with muscle pain, DOMS, and stiff joints the short answer is absolutely.

By applying rapid pulses of targeted pressure, massage guns help to relax muscle tension, improve circulation, and force muscle fibers into releasing lactic acid buildup.

Athletes that incorporate percussion therapy into their recovery routines feel fresher from one workout or competition to the next, while also noticing a bump in overall flexibility and mobility.

Here, we’ve put together a list of the best massage guns for athletes in 2024.

What Type of Athlete Should Use a Massage Gun?

There’s a good chance you’ve seen your favorite professional athletes working a massage gun over their legs or arms at some point, whether during a sporting event or on social media.

But these massage guns aren’t just for professional athletes.

Nowadays, athletes and active individuals of any stripe and sport can benefit from incorporating percussion therapy into their muscle recovery routines.

Massage guns deliver deep tissue massage to reduce muscle tension and inflammation while boosting circulation and improving mobility.

In other words, massage guns give you fresher muscles faster from one workout to the next.

It’s hard to think of an athlete that wouldn’t benefit from using a massage gun, as their targeted percussion can be used to relieve any sore muscle on your body.

Many athletes use massage guns to help them stay on track with personal fitness goals, whether this is training for a marathon, crushing workouts at the gym, or any other personal best you’re chasing.

Note: Featured products are independently selected and reviewed by Compression Athlete. If you purchase through our links, we may earn commission.

1. Ekrin B37 Massage Gun

The Ekrin B37 Percussion Massager features an ergonomic design with a 15-degree angled handle for improved reach and comfortable maneuvering. This massage gun has pro-grade power with Ultra Quiet Technology that’s equivalent to the sound of rainfall.

Athlete using Ekrin B37 Percussion Massager.

Ekrin’s B37 Percussion Massager offers an impressive 8-hour battery life and 4 head attachments (flat, bullet, round, fork). This massage gun has 5 adjustable percussion speeds and comes with a lifetime warranty.

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2. Ekrin BANTAM Massage Gun

The Ekrin BANTAM features a slim, compact, and ultra-lightweight design (only 1.1 pounds) that’s great for traveling and on-the-go muscle treatment. This massage gun has an easy-grip handle and 3 adjustable speeds.

Athlete using Ekrin BANTAM massage gun.

Shop at Ekrin: Ekrin BANTAM

Ekrin’s BANTAM offers an impressive 6-hour battery life, 4 head attachments (flat, bullet, round, fork), and convenient travel case. This massage gun comes with a lifetime warranty.

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3. Hypervolt Go 2 Massage Gun

The Hypervolt Go 2 has a perfect handheld ergonomic design that’s extra lightweight (only 1.5 pounds) and very easy to use. This massage gun is a budget-friendly option in a compact and portable design with up to 3 hours of battery life per charge.

Athlete using Hypervolt Go 2.

Shop at Hyperice: Hypervolt Go 2

Available on Amazon: Hypervolt Go 2

Hyperice’s Hypervolt Go 2 features 3 powerful percussion speeds while utilizing QuietGlide technology for nearly silent use. This massage gun includes 2 head attachments (flat, bullet).

Note: Try the Hyperice Heated Head Attachment, compatible with all models.

You can check out the Hypervolt Go 2 in action over on our YouTube Channel here.

4. Hypervolt 2 Pro Massage Gun

The Hypervolt 2 Pro features professional level warm up and recovery with guided routines from top athletes and automatic speed adjustment with the Hyperice App. This massage gun has 5 powerful percussion speeds and a convenient digital dial.

Athlete using Hypervolt 2 Pro.

Shop at Hyperice: Hypervolt 2 Pro

Available on Amazon: Hypervolt 2 Pro

Hyperice’s Hypervolt 2 Pro utilizes a patented Pressure Sensor Technology to show how much pressure is being applied and a comfortable pill shaped grip for your hand. This massage gun has 3 hours of battery life and 5 head attachments (fork, ball, cushion, flat, bullet).

5. Bob and Brad AIR 2 Mini Massage Gun

The Bob and Brad AIR 2 Mini Massage Gun features a triangle ergonomic design with a concave surface and curved angles for a firm grip. This budge-friendly massage gun is the only mini on the market under $100 that delivers 12 MM amplitude for effective deep tissue massage.

Athlete using the Bob and Brad AIR 2 Mini Massage Gun.

Bob and Brad’s AIR 2 Mini Massage Gun utilizes an extra lightweight design with a high-caliber brushless motor for potent relief. This massage gun has a long-life battery with an auto-off timer and 5 head attachments (fork, ball, cushion, flat, bullet).

For 10% Off Use Discount Code: BBAIR2YT

You can check out the Bob and Brad AIR 2 in action over on our YouTube Channel here.

6. Theragun PRO Plus Massage Gun

The Theragun PRO Plus features a patented ergonomic triangle handle and 16 mm percussion amplitude for deeper and longer-lasting relief. This massage gun includes vibration therapy (3 speeds), heat therapy (3 temperature levels), and built-in infrared LED light therapy.

Athlete using the Theragun PRO Plus massage gun.

Shop at Therabody: Theragun PRO Plus

Available on Amazon: Theragun PRO Plus

Therabody’s Theragun PRO Plus utilizes a QuietForce Technology motor for quiet power and a Therabody app for personalized routines. This massage gun has 150 minutes of battery life and 5 head attachments (Standard ball, Dampener, Thumb, Wedge, Micro-point).

Note: Try the Theragun PRO Plus Cold Attachment, sold separately.

7. Theragun Mini Massage Gun

The Theragun Mini features an ergonomic triangle shape and grip that’s extra lightweight and portable. This massage gun provides personalized treatment with 3 speeds and 3 attachments (ball, dampener, thumb).

Athlete using Theragun Mini.

Shop at Therabody: Theragun Mini

Available on Amazon: Theragun Mini

Therabody’s Theragun Mini utilizes a brushless motor with QuietForce Technology and 12 mm percussion amplitude for deep long-lasting relief. This massage gun has 120 minutes of battery life with fast USB-C charging and is available in 3 colors (black, white, and desert rose).

8. Lumi PowerPRO Massage Gun

The Lumi PowerPRO Massage Gun features a lightweight ergonomic design with a unique rotating head for help reaching any spot on your body. This massage gun sports 5 different speed settings and a durable scratch resistant matte-finish.

Athlete using the Lumi PowerPRO Massage Gun.

Shop at Lumi Therapy: Lumi PowerPRO Massage Gun


Lumi PowerPRO Massage Gun utilizes an impressive 10-hour battery life and massive 30 kg stall force for deeper tissue massage. This massage gun comes with a portable storage case and 5 head attachments (hammer, ball, bullet, slice, and twin-U).


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9. Lumi miniPRO Massage Gun

The Lumi miniPRO Massage Gun features a portable pocket-sized design with an impressive and powerful 5kg Stall Force that enables deeper tissue massage. This massage gun can give up to 16 hrs of battery life and is available in 2 stylish colors.

Athlete using the Lumi miniPRO Massage Gun.

Shop at Lumi Therapy: Lumi miniPRO Massage Gun

Lumi’s miniPRO Massage Gun sports an ultra-lightweight yet durable aluminum shell that weighs a mere 1.08 pounds and comes with a 2-year limited warranty. This massage gun has 4 massage speeds and comes with 4 head attachments (hammer, ball, bullet, twin-U).

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10. MiHIGH Heated Massage Gun

The MiHIGH Heated Massage Gun features a heated head attachment that combines heat and percussion therapy into a single experience for effective and soothing muscle recovery.

Athlete using the MiHIGH Heated Massage Gun.

Shop at MiHIGH: MiHIGH Heated Massage Gun

MiHIGH’s Heated Massage Gun comes with 6 different massage heads (1 heated and 5 non-heated), a portable carry box, and a universal charger. This massage gun has up to 5 hours of battery life and comes with a 1-year warranty.

11. REVO The Pill Massage Gun

The Pill by REVO features powerful muscle relief in a lightweight pocket-sized design that’s perfect for travel and on-the-go use. This massage gun comes with 4 head attachments (Round, Cone, Fork, Flat) and a 1-year warranty.

Athlete using REVO’s The Pill massage gun.

Shop at Revomadic: REVO The Pill

REVO’s The Pill massage gun has a German engineered steel brushless motor that’s whisper quiet and delivers deep tissue impact (3200 RPM).

12. REP Rapidstrike Massage Gun

The REP Rapidstrike Massage Gun features an ergonomic triangular design with intuitive speed control that automatically adjusts based on how much pressure you apply. This massage gun is compact and portable with a lightweight aviation alloy material.

Athlete using REP Rapidstrike Massage Gun.

Available on Amazon: REP Rapidstrike Massage Gun

REP’s Rapidstrike Massage Gun utilizes a powerful yet quiet brushless motor with an impressive 8-hour battery life and 4 head attachments (bullet, flat, round, u-shape).

How Does Percussion Therapy Work for Athletes?

Percussion therapy can be used for both warming-up your muscles prior to activity and cooling-down post-activity to improve recovery.

To begin, turn on your massage gun and choose your desired pressure level.

If you’re just starting out, it’s best to work from low to high pressure intensity. This will allow you to see how your body and muscles react to the pressure without accidently overdoing it.

Gently apply the rapidly pulsating head to your desired muscle group and slowly work the massage gun along the muscle.

Allow the massage gun to apply the percussive pressure to your muscle, taking care not to add any pressure of your own by pushing downward with the massage gun.

Athlete using massage gun on leg muscles.

Move the massage gun back and forth, up and down, across the muscle. If you come across a particularly tense or tight spot, you can focus extra attention on the area.

Even if you’re enjoying the relaxing effect of the massage gun, be sure to limit the duration of your percussion therapy to no more than 2 minutes per muscle group.

Massage guns are a great way to target certain muscle groups prior to physical activity, prepping them for movement and decreasing your chances of injury.

When it comes to recovery post-activity, the targeted pressure of massage gun reduces muscle soreness by forcing muscle fibers to release lactic acid buildup from your workout.

In other words, that dreaded muscle pain and stiffness that sets in a day or two after pushing your body won’t be as bad and won’t stick around for as long.

Not only does percussion therapy help alleviate the muscle soreness from your workout but it better prepares you for your next one faster and will allow you to perform at a higher level.

What Are the Benefits of Percussion Therapy for Athletes?

Simple to use and easy to customize, percussion therapy is a great muscle recovery tool that any athlete can incorporate into their routine.

One of the main aspects of percussion therapy that athletes appreciate is how they feel immediate relief from using a massage gun while also enjoying longer-term benefits in the days after.

A key benefit of percussion therapy that drives many subsequent benefits is a boost to circulation in the muscles where it’s applied.

This boost helps to flush out lactic acid and metabolic waste (responsible for making your muscles sore), through your body’s natural lymphatic system.

Athlete using massage gun for muscle recovery.

As more oxygen and nutrient-rich blood is ushered into your limbs muscle soreness and swelling is reduced, leading to a decrease in delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) and faster recovery times from one workout to the next.

Additionally, athletes will notice an improvement in their overall flexibility and mobility, as percussion therapy helps to thin and distribute fascia fluid that thickens around muscles to relieve pressure and tightness.

And, of course, limber muscles that offer you a full range of motion, are less likely to strain or experience injury.

So, while the benefits of percussion therapy for athletes are very clear, remember that percussion therapy isn’t strictly reserved for athletes.

Any individual can benefit from incorporating percussion therapy into their daily routine.

Learn everything you need to know about percussion therapy in our complete guide.


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