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Can I Wear Leggings Golfing?

Here's what to check before hitting the links in your leggings.

Golfer wearing leggings while putting.

Nowadays, it may feel like you pretty much wear leggings going anywhere for anything.

They’ve grown so popular, become so ubiquitous in everyday life, that it’s probably easier to think of the few scenarios in which you wouldn’t wear them.

But even with this widespread popularity, there might remain a few of those places or events that give you pause, in which you wonder: Is it okay to wear leggings to this? One such place might be the golf course.

If you’re not familiar with the world of golf, it can come across a bit intimidating in a number of ways, including what counts as appropriate attire.

Maybe images of men in funny caps and pants are what first jump to mind.

And what you’re probably wondering is whether it’s okay to rock a more relaxed look than what you see from the women on the LPGA when you hit the links.

We’ll get into all of it here.

So, let’s talk wearing leggings while golfing.

Can You Wear Leggings to Golf?

So, you’ve got an upcoming tee-time and you’re wondering if you can wear your trusty leggings (yoga pants, compression tights, etc.) to the course without creating a fuss.

Maybe you’ve heard golf referred to as a “gentleman’s game” or you’ve seen all the pros dressed a certain way, and you’re wondering if you’ll be breaking any attire etiquette by wearing a more casual outfit.

Well, thankfully, golf isn’t quite as stuffy as it once was.

As the game modernizes and the athleisure trend continues to grow in popularity, leggings are becoming commonplace on the golf course.

They’re even receiving support from players and figures in the golf world.

So, in general, your answer is: Yes, you can wear leggings golfing.

Another important factor to take into consideration here is the weather.

If you live in a colder climate or it’s getting later in the season and you still want to be out there on the course, leggings can be a great choice.

They provide a useful combination of warmth and functionality that you just can’t achieve with alternative options.

It should be noted, however, that even while the game modernizes, it was just fairly recently that the LPGA drew some criticism for the strict dress code it put in place for its players.

So, while you won’t see any women on the LPGA wearing leggings during competition, you will still see them wearing leggings at the golf course (outside of competition) while they’re working on their games, whether at the driving range or playing a practice round.

Note: The Instagrams featured above belong to women that know a thing or two about golf. So, if you want to wear leggings when playing golf, there’s no harm in following their lead.

Check out our picks for the Best Leggings for Golf.

Check the Golf Course Where You’re Playing

There are a few select cases in which you’d want to do a little research prior to your round, however.

The easiest way to get a definitive answer to the leggings question is to check with the course or club that you’ll be playing.

You can do this by either calling or checking the course’s website for mention of a dress code.

Keep in mind that if you’re playing a public course or you don’t see any mention of a dress code on the course website, you’re more than likely good to go with leggings.

If you’re heading to a private club, on the other hand, all bets are off. In this case, you should probably expect some form of dress code.

Check with the club, or a member of the club if you’re playing with one, to get a sense of what’s required.

Some clubs may be more relaxed and modern than others, but if it has attire requirements there’s a chance they’ll be a “no” on leggings.

Benefits of Yoga Pants and Leggings in Golf

The game of golf has evolved quite a bit from its early days.

While it has always required a high-degree of skill and finesse to be successful, today we see more and more players incorporating weight training, nutrition, and more into their routines to get the most out of their game.

That is to say the game is getting more physical and active.

And as a result we see golf attire adapting to this trend, as well, as new activewear styles and designs are incorporated.

Golfer wearing leggings while playing golf.

This is where leggings come into play for female golfers.

Not only do they look stylish while you’re playing but they benefit your performance by offering muscle support with free range of motion.

Also, depending on the type you wear and the weather you need them for, leggings can keep you cool or help you stay warm.

For this reason, we’ve begun to see athletic brands tailoring leggings specifically to the golfing crowd.

Even the male golfers are starting to utilize compression tights while they play, incorporating compression tights into both their training and competition.

With all the walking required of pro golfers, these players have noticed how tights keep them feeling refreshed while also helping to reduce leg soreness.

Whether you’re an avid golfer or just like to hit the links for fun in your spare time, be sure to check out our lists of the Best Golf Leggings and the Best Golf Shoes.

Our top picks will help you stay focused, keep comfortable for 18 holes, and play your best golf.


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