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Athletes running in activewear.
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Nike Pro Compression Shorts: Product Guide

Discover the versatility and use of the popular Nike Pros.

Athlete stretching on a run wearing Nike Pro compression shorts.

Nike Pros have been a favorite among female athletes for quite a while now.

When it comes to compression shorts, the Nike Pro model nails everything that they're supposed to be: comfortable, functional, and stylish.

What makes Nike Pro compression shorts so great are their versatility.

Most commonly, you’ll see Nike Pros worn as an outer/top layer, but they also work great as a base layer thanks to their body hugging fit.

Additionally, the unique Nike Pro design can withstand your toughest, high-intensity activities while remaining more than comfortable enough to wear for extended periods.

Nike Pro Shorts are a go-to for athletes of all stripes. Great for competition, personal workouts, and everyday wear.

Nike Pros: The Go-To for Athletes

It’s hard to find a compression wear product that’s enjoyed and utilized across a wide spectrum of sports in the way that Nike Pros are.

You’ll see them in everything from distance running and track and field to volleyball, soccer, gymnastics, basketball, and more.

Track athletes wearing Nike Pros competing in Olympics.
Nike Pros are popular in track and field. 2016 Olympic Team rocking a special version here.

Even if you don’t see them worn during competition in a particular sport, there’s a good chance those athletes are wearing Nike Pros while training and during other off-field/off-court activity.

Long Jumper Maryna Bekh-Romanchuk training in Nike Pros.

It’s worth noting that Nike Pros have certainly earned their popularity. Their combination of pro-grade support, Dri-FIT technology, and a flattering fit is a winning formula for athletes.

The Nike Pro style evolves slightly every so often and new styles are routinely added to the collection, but the popular basics of the Nike Pros remain year after year.

Shop the latest Nike Pro shorts over at Nike.

What Makes Nike Pros the Best Compression Shorts?

When it comes to versatility and performance, the Nike Pro shorts definitely stand out among the pack.

Whether highlighting their layering capability, their wide-spread use in nearly any sport or activity, or their snug yet soft fit, there are many reasons why Nike Pros are trusted and utilized by athletes.

Olympian Alysha Newman training in her Nike Pros.

One of the great features of the Nike Pro shorts are their Dri-Fit technology, which wicks away sweat to keep you dry and comfortable while you’re active and competing.

Soccer Star Sh’Nia Gordon layering with Nike Pros.

The Nike Pro fabric is soft and stretchy, so that it has a second-skin-like feel. While designed as an outerwear option, their snug and smooth fit also makes them great for layering.

Another signature feature of the Nike Pros are their slightly wider elastic waistbands that offer great support through any movement you throw their way.

Fitness Trainer Ainsley Rodriguez crushing a workout in Nike Pros.

Are Nike Pro Shorts a Good Choice for Volleyball?

When it comes to compression shorts, volleyball players need an option that can stick with them through every dive, jump, bend, twist, and more.

For this reason, Nike Pros are a common choice among volleyball athletes for both practice and games (if your team’s uniform allows it).

Two volleyball players wearing nike pro compression shorts.
Nike Pros are a popular option for Volleyball shorts.

Nike Pros are designed to handle high-grade activity while remaining extra comfortable for extended wear.

They have a stretchy fit, shorter leg length options, and provide great mobility, which are key characteristics in quality volleyball shorts.

Another signature feature of the Nike Pro shorts are their slightly wider elastic waistband that offers great support no matter what you throw their way.

In fact, the Nike Pro Shorts made our top picks list for the Best Volleyball Shorts.

Are Nike Pro Shorts a Good Choice for Running?

Nike Pro compression shorts are a go-to for athletes across a wide spectrum of activity. Great for competition, personal workouts, and everyday wear.

The same holds true when it comes to running, as Nike Pro shorts are a popular choice among track and field athletes, as well as non-competitive running enthusiasts.

In particular, the Nike Pro Shorts 3” length is a popular choice among track athletes.

This length offers great mobility for the lower half of your body, eliminating any drag or restriction against those hard-working leg muscles.

Another reason why many runners opt for a pair of compression shorts has to do with the fit and design of the shorts.

Nike Pro shorts fit like second skin and wick sweat away from the body, making them ideal for running.

Do Nike Pro Shorts Roll Up When Running?

No one likes the distraction and discomfort of compression shorts riding up during activity.

If it feels like you just can't stop the legs of your compression shorts from rolling or riding up while you run, there may be a few ways to address this.

For starters, it's worth noting that it's practically impossible to escape at least some movement, rolling, shifting, etc. from your compression shorts when you're active.

Even with extra stretchy and flexible compression fabric, if you want to achieve a full range of motion from your compression shorts, you need to strike the right balance of compression and mobility.

In other words, the amount of pressure required from your compression shorts to completely eliminate rolling or riding up would stifle your range of motion, which is a hard pass from any athlete.

With that being said, however, certain compression shorts do a better job of reducing leg roll and riding up than others.

Thanks to their high-quality fabric and design, Nike Pro compression shorts are one such option.

Also, keep in mind that how much your compression shorts shift or roll will depend on your activity and the length of your shorts.

For example, with a shorter Nike Pro Shorts 3” leg where the hem falls near the top of your quad, shorts may roll up some at the top of the leg where your groin flexes.

However, because of their shorter length, the rest of the garment will stay securely in place.

The slightly longer Nike Pro Shorts 5" will also experience some bunching at the groin area for the same reason.

However, depending on the intensity of your activity, you may find that these do a better job of reducing leg roll up.

If you’re looking for minimal riding up, you may want to consider the longest version, which is the Nike Pro Shorts 8”.

These do a great job of staying in place with very minimal riding up. The longer leg length means more compressive fabric molding to your leg and working to stay in place.

How to Wear Nike Pro Shorts: Outerwear or Underwear?

So, whether you’re transitioning from athletic shorts to compression shorts for the first time, or merely switching from one brand of compression shorts to Nike Pros, you may be wondering what the common practice is when it comes to wearing Nike Pro shorts.

In particular, you’re probably wondering if you’re supposed to wear anything underneath your Nike Pros while you run, workout, compete, etc. or should you wear just the Nike Pros alone?

The short answer is that you can wear Nike Pro shorts as either outerwear or underwear.

While the shorts are designed to be worn as outerwear, they're also a great layering option thanks to their snug and comfortable fit.

For example, while Nike Pro shorts are commonly worn as an outerwear choice by track athletes, it's not uncommon for soccer players to wear Nike Pros under their uniform shorts as an underwear choice.

Are You Supposed to Wear Underwear with Nike Pros?

Due to the fit and design of Nike Pros, this is a pretty common question. These shorts seem to fall right in the nexus between outerwear and underwear.

So, are you supposed to wear underwear under your Nike Pro compression shorts or not?

The answer basically comes down to your personal preference.

Just like with all compression shorts, Nike Pros are designed to be worn as a base layer (i.e. worn right against the skin) without the need for an undergarment.

While the idea of going commando might seem strange to the uninitiated, many athletes discover that compression shorts cover everything you need when worn on their own.

So, while you don’t need to wear underwear with Nike Pro shorts, you may decide that you prefer wearing underwear under your Nike Pros.

This is a common choice, as well. Many athletes feel more comfortable with an undergarment when competing for an added level of security.

In general, wearing underwear beneath your compression shorts won’t hinder the benefits that they offer.

However, note that certain underwear options tend to work better than others when worn under compression garments.

Where to Shop Women’s Nike Pro Shorts

Whether you're looking to grow your collection, stock up on your favorites, or grab your very first pair, we’ve put together a list of where you can find Women’s Nike Pro compression shorts.

For the latest style of Nike Pros, head straight to the source:

Shop Women’s Nike Pro Shorts at Nike.

Fitness trainer Valentina Lequeux rocking the 8” Nike Pros for a workout.

Note: Due to their popularity, certain sizes and colors tend to go fast.

And while Nike does restock their supply every so often, it’s worth knowing a few other places where you can find Nike Pros.

Two other great places to shop Nike Pros are at Dick’s Sporting Goods and on Amazon.

Dick’s carries a lot of the same styles as Nike’s website, along with a few exclusive versions.

And Amazon carries a variety of Nike pros. Sometimes you can even find past versions too if there’s a favorite style you’re looking for.

Shop Women’s Nike Pro Shorts at Dick's Sporting Goods.

Nike Pro Tights: A Step Up From Everyday Leggings

Not to be overlooked are the Nike Pro tights that have all the benefits and qualities of the Nike Pro compression shorts.

The Nike Pro tights come in varying lengths: full-length, 7/8-length, and cropped.

Shop the latest Nike Pro Tights over at Nike.

Yogi Sam Vora rocking some Nike Pro Tights.

Note that the Nike Pro tights are a slightly higher-grade of compression when compared to everyday leggings.

These tights are designed for activity and built so that your muscles feel locked in and ready to go.

At the same time, the mesh paneling in the lower leg provides breathability to keep you cool and competing for longer.


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